safefood is an all-island implementation body set up under the British-Irish Agreement with a general remit to promote awareness and knowledge of food safety and nutrition issues on the island of Ireland.

Our activities include:

  • Promotion of food safety
  • Research into food safety
  • Communication of nutritional advice
  • Promotion of scientific co-operation and laboratory linkages
  • Provide independent scientific advice
  • Deliver consumer focused review


 Mission statement

safefood wants to create an environment where consumers eat safely and healthily, therefor our mission statement is to contribute to public health and well-being, by promoting safety and healthy eating on the island of Ireland.

In order to fulfil our strategy, we recognise that there has to be a strong ethos which embodies the vision and mission statements, this ethos is fundamental and underpins the overall organisational culture. These values and behoaviours are the core of the organisation.

What do we do

safefood places the consumer at the centre of its marketing and communications activities when communicating messages of food safety, food hygiene and nutrition on the island of Ireland.

safefood’s messages are based upon solid scientific data and consumer research to assess the needs of the population on the island of Ireland. These messages are delivered through traditional and new media outlets, consumer and stakeholder events, sponsorship, advertising, direct marketing, public relations and communication with industry and stakeholders.


In brief safefood focusses on the following six pillar:

  1. Research: safefood's promotion of food safety, nutrition and healthy eating is targeted at the whole food chain and, as a consequence, so is our research.
  2. Networks: safefood's networks form dynamic and rewarding environments for the exchange of information for mutual benefit of stakeholders.
  3. Education: safefood works with stakeholders and partners to develop and promote resources for different age groups across the island of Ireland.
  4. Events: safefood's events facilitate knowledge sharing between professionals and promote food safety, food hygiene and nutrition messages to consumers.
  5. Campaigns: safefood promotes the core messages of the organisation to consumers using integrated communication campaigns.
  6. Corporate Operations: The Corporate Operations Directorate plays a key role in supporting the delivery of programmes and activities throughout the organisation.

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