Just out! Annual report EPHNA meeting 2021

On October 12th and 13th 2021 the EPHNA had her 8th annual meeting and it was the first time that this meeting was held online. Just like in 2020 the meeting was held online. Several external experts joined the meeting and many EPHNA members and their colleagues did aswell. You can read the full official report here.

Official Annual report EPHNA meeting 2020 available now!!

On October 12th and 13th 2020 the EPHNA had her 7th annual meeting and it was the first time that this meeting was held online. Due to the COVID-19 crisis we were forced to meet online instead of physically. Although it was very different it did show us we have more opportunities to meet with each other. View the full official report here.

Information on the Corona virus and nutrition from EPHNA member countries

Most European countries are currently facing a huge crisis with far reaching consequences. The Coronavirus is sweaping over Europe and it is a time that we can easily forget to eat healthy. But more over in times of stress and times of health insecurity, a healthy lifestyle is very important. EPHNA member countries share their information on their national websites and on our website we share the information that is available in the different Euopean countries. All in their own languages but easily translated. 

Germany has several pages where they give Corona related information, both in German and English:

Belgium has a special webpage on healthy lifestyle and nutrition in times of Corona:

Together with a couple of Flamish nutrition scientist they put together a webpage on facts and fables:

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre created a page on Corona related to many subjects such as vitamin intake, healthy take out, but also on washing hands and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle when working from home:

In the Czech Republic, an overview of Corona related information including preventive measures, facts and myths is available in English on the Ministry of Health pages:

Furtermore, tips about nutrition related to Corona can also be found in on, in the "News"section or in the "Food safety“ section

Portugal published a webpage that gives information on Corona:  On this page their materials (in Portugese) are presented and they give information on healthy nutrition during quarantine. 

And finally also Autria has a webpage that gives a range of information in German on Corona, healthy nutrition during quarantine and an overview of the FAQ's:  



EPHNA Symposium during FENS 2019 in Dublin, Ireland

In October 2019 EPHNA organised a successful symposium during FENS 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. Kremlin Wickramasinghe of WHO Europe opened the symposium with an interesting presentation on nutrition communication in Europe and the importance of cooperation between countries.

After that three EPHNA members gave presentations on a variety of topics. Margareta Büning-Fesel from Germany presented on Food & Move Literacy. Trine Gronlund from Denmark gave a presentation on how they reach specific target groups in Denmark. And last but not leased Maria Hassapidou from Greece gave a beautiful overview on the similarities and differences in Food based Dietary Guidelines throughout Europe.



Annual EPHNA Report 2019 available now!

On the 14th of October the EPHNA had it's anual meeting, in Dublin Ireland. You can download the official report from our document page. Click here to download the report.



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